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Friday, July 31, 2015

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015- Fort Pocohontas to Chickahominy River Front Park

Out team heading out from Fort Pocohontas 
Upon waking up this glorious, cloudy morn, the James River Expedition team enjoyed a reviving bowl of Greek yogurt topped with optional Nutella and granola. After being nourished and revitalized, we embarked on our fifth day of the voyage, but second day of canoeing. As our limbs grew weary from the strenuous strokes, we took a few well-deserved rests that featured snacks and WAMs (Water Appreciation Moments).

Goodbye Fort Pocohontas

Taking a dip after lunch
            Lunch was devoured on a secluded beach near a bald eagles’ nest that housed five bald eagles. To cool off, much of the team took a refreshing dip in the river. Feeling a renewed sense of energy, we ventured forward on the adventure to Chickahominy Riverfront Park. Along the way, a few team members spotted a Sturgeon of at least four feet in length breaching from the water. One canoe at a time, we pulled into camp and began setting up the mobile living quarters a.k.a. tents.

Our much anticipated feast
Jack and Matthew are looking pretty tired
Glenn relaxing
We all got to play volleyball after eating
We caught a glimpse of the beautiful sunset
We tried to get all the guys to sit still for the picture

Beautiful sunset over the Chickahominy River
            Next came the moment everyone had been anticipating all day long: the extravagant feast provided by the kindly James River Association staff. The feast, of course, was completely in honor of Jack, the birthday boy of sixteen years. We gorged on burgers, hot dogs, chips, salad, fruit, brownies, cookies, strawberry shortcake bites, and carbonated beverages. Even though we could barely walk due to full tummies, we waddled over to the beach volley ball court and we commenced an epic match of great skill. In the middle of the game, we were politely interrupted by a local reporter for a photo shoot of staged action involving canoes. Continuing our afternoon of athletics, we engaged in a five-on-five battle of strength, dexterity, and speed known as Ultimate Frisbee. Thoroughly worn out, the team dragged themselves back to camp for a relaxing ten minute swim in the Chickahominy River. To end the perfect day, the team regrouped around a cheery camp fire and recalled all the many satisfying moments of the day.

-Julianne and Jacob

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