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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015- Westover Plantation to Fort Pocohontas

Leaving Westover Plantation
We started off our day with a breakfast of various oatmeal flavors, dried fruit, and granola. After we brought our kayaks up from the beach and broke down camp, we went on a tour of Westover Plantation with Thaddeus, the grounds keeper, as our guide. We learned about the history of Westover, Georgian architecture, and got to go inside parts of the house. Afterwards we loaded up our canoes and headed out on the water.

Blake paddling along
We were outrunning this storm all day
The dock at Fort Pocohontas
Glenn jumping off 
Jack doing a backflip
Brett about to jump in
While we were paddling, thunder occasionally rumbled in the distance. After awhile of outrunning the storm we pulled off onto a beach and ate our lunch. Finally it was decided that we could safely paddle on. We continued our journey for a few miles but had to pull off once more because of wind. Shortly afterwards we started paddling again. We paddled into our campsite at Fort Pocahontas much early than usual. After setting up tents, we got to jump and flip off the dock. We dried off and completed our roles. For dinner we had coconut curry prepared by Kyle. We finished our night by having our first camp fire.
-Kelly & Matthew

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