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Friday, July 31, 2015

Thursday, July 30th, 2015- Chickahominy Riverfront Park, Surry Power Station, and Jamestown

On the ferry to Surry Power Plant
           Upon awakening, the James River Expedition Team had a gift from the gods; bagels, cream cheese, and pop tarts. After eating creamy cream cheese, we met with Mr. Draper in a large van with massive subs that allowed for great sing along songs. We drove to the ferry that took us across the river, allowing us to drive to Surry Nuclear Power Station. Upon arriving we were given a presentation about how the plant works and about the environmental precautions they take to ensure that their impact is minimal. They also talked about the power lines they are trying to put up across a section of the river near James Town which has been causing a lot of controversy and has been in the news recently. They explained that putting in the power lines would allow them to shut down a coal power station in the Newport News area across the river. Sadly, we were unable to tour the power station. Dominion provided lunch for us, and we devoured the meal like a pack of rabid lions who had no food for a month and had just slayed an antelope in the middle of the African grasslands.  They served us delicious bacon sandwiches and gigantic cookies. We learned a lot and left Dominion happy and with full stomachs, making us ready to go to our next destination.
Woo! we made it!

Inside of Surry Power Plant
Jack is wondering if we are there yet
Congratulations Matthew, you made it on the blog!

Entering Jamestown
    We then drove back to the river, crossed using the ferry, and drove to James town. We learned about the new discoveries they have made and examples of cannibalism during the starvation time. We were also able to see the excavation sites that they are currently working on. Then we became radio celebrities during an interview for the NPR show Marketplace about the power lines that may be crossing the James River in the near future. Our tour guide had told us his opinion about the issue, so we had heard both sides of the story. After being interviewed we left the excavation site and headed over to the Ed Shed and learned about 3-D printing and 360 degree virtual realties through smartphones that can be used to show people historic sites without actually being there. Our guide told us about the many creative ways that these technologies can be used for classes in school. Then we left and sung some more on our way back to camp, and we also stopped for delicious frozen yogurt at Menchies.
checking out the archaeology at Jamestown

Jamestown gets excavated in smalls plots at a time

We all got some froyo after Jamestown
And back to our lovely campsite

            The night ended by having a campfire and seasoned beans. We are excited to be getting on  the Spirit of the James tomorrow, because it will give us a nice relaxing day.

-John and Glenn

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