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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Monday, July 27th, 2015- Dutch Gap to Westover Plantation

Our group going over safety procedures before entering the power plant
          Today we woke up and had delicious bagels with cream cheese, Nutella, and bananas, YUM! Then, Mark Batista (Chesterfield County and Dutch Gap Conservation area) drove us to the Chesterfield Power Plant. There, Beverly and Cindy (Dominion) brought us to a room and discussed how they make the power and how they control the excretions in the water. After the information session, we split up into two groups and toured one of the control rooms and the top of the SCR (selective cathode reduction). On the SCR, we could see all of Chesterfield and Richmond!

Looking over from the power plant

Our group learning interesting facts about the power plant

John enjoying the view 

Time to head out from Dutch Gap
          After the Dominion Power Plant tour, we hopped in our sea kayaks and set off Westover Plantation. Along the way, we stopped at the VCU Rice Rivers Center where we ate lunch and toured the facility. There we learned how the Rice Center is a platinum LEED certified (aka. superdy dooper environmentally friendly building design). Also, we learned that the James River’s wetlands act like kidneys, birdbaths, supermarkets, and speed bumps because they filter water, attract birds, produce a lot of carbon, and slow down flood water. Basically, the James River would be less healthy without the wetlands.
goodbye Dutch Gap

Kayak line up
the crew taking a break
Dr. Ed Crawford teaching us some interesting facts about the VCU Rice Center
There were alot of juvenile bald eagles at Westover Plantation
          After the Rice Center, we paddled to the Westover Plantation and right after we set up our camp, it rained! Because of this, our dinner was a bundle of scrumptious snacks and card games. The rain is also the reason why this blog is one day late. Sorry.

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P.S. Dad, I would love some steak on Saturday!

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