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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Thursday, July 17th, 2015- Horseshoe Flats to Seven Islands Farm

All on board the Batteau
        After a crystal clear night, a change from previous nights, the camp was buzzing bright and early to get ready for a different kind of day.  Our breakfast of bagels with various toppings and bananas was a great energy boost before spending the day on a historic batteau.  Our camp at Horseshoe Flats in Scottsville was packed up quickly and efficiently due to our excitement for the day.
Goodbye Scottsville

We all got a relaxing day playing cards and talking
Jaimie writing in her journal

taking a dip in the water and fishing
Stephanie and John fishing
  Our first few minutes on the batteau showed that it would be a relaxing, group bonding day.  A card game ensued, and fishing began shortly after.  One of our trip leaders, Stephanie, suggested 10 minutes of quiet time, creating a very peaceful environment which prompted a nap.  Around mid-day we travelled about ½ mile up the Hardware River.  Eventually we arrived at an aqueduct that was constructed in 1838.  Our batteau men Randy and Jared told us about the history of the canal system and its downfall with the invention of the railroad and the Civil War.  The history lesson led us into an amazing lunch of wraps and various meats, cheeses, and veggies prepared by our camp cook Jenna and Taylor.

We made it to Seven Islands Farm
We did macroinvertebrate testing

Tom caught a full grown snapping turtle


        The float down the river continued after lunch and even included some rapids.  We pulled into camp surprisingly early which gave us time for great group activities.  We were able to get camp at Seven Islands Farm set up quickly, and then went into science activities.  During the science lesson we looked for macro-invertebrates in the river, during which Leader Tom caught a 30 lbs. snapping turtle.  Dinner was coconut curry soup, and during our meal we were joined by a reporter from the Daily Progress, a Charlottesville newspaper.  In our fireside chat we discussed an article about our generation’s awareness and concern for the environment.  Some very good points were brought up including availability of environmentally friendly services and media coverage of the issues.  Overall we had a very group engaging day, and at the end of the night we discussed how we have bonded throughout the week.

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