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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sunday, July 26th, 2015- Ancarrow's Landing to Dutch Gap

Welcome to Richmond
Today was the second of eight days paddling towards our final destination, the Chesapeake Bay.   We really bonded as a group since it was the first day where we had encountered any real challenge. 

Our journey began at Rockets Landing, after we drove from our campsite, near the JRA headquarters.  We unloaded our slick sea kayaks, and soon enough we were off.  The kayaks were very long, which had its benefits and drawbacks.  They could easily slice through the water at high speeds, but they were also unstable especially when massive boat wake came by. The river was fairly crowded today, probably because it was Sunday.  All along the river there were many old piers not in use anymore. 

Georgia and Kyle

Matthew paddling along

Jacob in front of Rockett's Landing
          One of the highlights of the day was passing two bald eagles.  They were pretty hard to spot at the very top of the tallest tree.  We ate a late lunch at Osborn Landing which was populated, but well kept.  As we were leaving we saw a boat being towed in that had a hole in it.  On the last leg of our trip we passed the Dominion Chesterfield Power Station.  We passed where they were letting out the cooling water and it was noticeably warmer than the other river water.  Kyle told us about some of the temperature regulations on water going back into the river. 

Our students coming around the bend an hour before arriving at Dutch Gap
Just one more hour

Now we are in a nice campsite, isolated from all the noise of the city compared to our campsite from yesterday.  We are looking forward to touring the power plant tomorrow. 

                                                                Jack and Blake

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