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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015- Howardsville to Horseshoe Flats

Our team getting ready to leave Howardsville
            Today was an amazing day on the latest leg of our middle James river journey.  We woke up to sunny skies and mourning doves chirping away in Howardsville. After a speedy breakdown of tents and other camping essentials, we nourished ourselves with a light meal of bagels halves and oatmeal prepared by our lovely camp cooks. We then took some personal time to reflect on our journey through our journals. Cleaning up and clearing out, we made our way onto the water once again. Not shortly into our eleven mile day, we came across the most technical class two rapid of the entire expedition.  The  team of Claire and John started out strong through the beginning of the rapid, but after suddenly striking a huge rock were toppled into the water. Brett made a T-resuce on the canoe while Claire and John assumed the swimmers position and were picked up by members of the team after floating through the remainder of the rapid.
Nat and Jamie representing
           After all of the commotion, we came across Rock Island where Kyle tested the water depth and then Claire jumped twenty feet into the water followed by the rest of the team.  Later down the river, we stopped for lunch at a sandy beach where we were greeted with a variety of wild life; from red velvet ants to American toads. We relaxed on the water after lunch, floating along to Horseshoe bend. We were having a grand time talking and taking pictures that not even a sudden cold rain could quell our excitement. Landing at Horseshoe Bend campground we loaded up our canoes and gear on the rig in order to prepare for tomorrows’ bateau ride.

We found a rock to jump off of

Red velvet ant


We made it to Horseshoe bend
some of the guys enjoying a game of frisbee

we got a s'mores treat before we went bed

  Before dinner a match of ladderball broke out hosted by Claire and Jacob against John and Taylor which, after many intense throws ended in the victory of Claire and Jacob. Games of frisbee and volleyball followed bringing the team closer through competition. After an amazing meal of pesto pasta we ended our night by cooking smores and enjoying the beautiful starry night. #swagweout

~Claire and Jacob~

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