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Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 6      

   August 1, 2013
                       Today is day six and it’s our rest day, it’s been very fun so far. We took a tour of the Surry Power Station and learned how they produce their nuclear energy that powers 400,000 houses. The energy can go through the generator and to your house quicker than you can snap your fingers. We also learned about the different types of energy like electricity found by Thomas Edison in 1879. Also the other natural electricity that Benjamin Franklin found in 1752. We have learned many new things along the way like the Power Station began in 1972 and the stations are put up wherever it is most demanded and there are enough resources. After the wonderful lunch provided by Dominion we went to the Jamestown settlement and got to see how the English men lived and the Indians lived. The Englishmen learned a lot from the Indians and without them would not have survived. All these things can be learned in school but I think their more memorable when you get to experience everything in real life. Lastly we can’t back to camp and went for a swim and had dinner. Telling ghost stories and just having lots of fun. This experience has been the best and I would encourage a lot more people to go on it. I’m thankful for the JRA team and Dominion for this lower James River expedition.

 By. Alisha 

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