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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Launching the 2014 James River Expedition Season!

We're ready to welcome a new year of river baths, cook outs on the shore of the James, and learning with the James River Association's Expeditions kicking off in just two days - this Saturday, June 21st. The team is so excited to welcome ten new students from across the watershed to the Upper James Expedition. There's something to be said about the enthusiasm of the students too: the fervor and tenacity they show to help our organization not only protect our watershed, but also learn and share with the community is incredible.

We also welcome three new members of the team - Anne Maxwell Ellett, land support intern, Zach Perkins, student leader, and Dan Dutton, high school teacher co-leader - to join Kyle Burnette and Georgia Busch on the Expeditions. These three have jumped right into action and have been preparing all week for this summer's adventures, Zach especially, as a veteran of Expedition life from his journey through the Middle James last year as a student.

Just having finished packing non-perishables into meal buckets, first aid supplies, and the lovely throne (traveling toilet), all that's left to do is pack up the cars, load the trailer, and meet everyone at Gala Campground in less than forty-eight hours. It's been a long week of gathering tents, counting paddles and life-vests, and inspecting all the canoes, so we're all ready to put all the hard work to good use and get out on the water! As the countdown continues, we want to remind all students to pack lightly, leave your iPods and phones at home, and get ready for an amazing week on the river!

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