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Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 5
July 31
We left Fort Pocahontas in the early morning. For lunch we stopped at a small beach near Dancing Point. That was not a lot of fun. This is mostly because for most of our lunch time, I was hiking through thorns to find a place to use the restroom.  Ouch. While I was away, apparently everyone witnessed an awesome dragonfly grow three times its size within ten minutes. After we left the beach, the water started to get rough because of an oncoming storm. We stayed together and crossed the James River successfully. I am thankful for my paddle buddy Ms. Eubank. She is a VERY strong paddler. When we got to Chickahominy, we were welcomed by a feast of hamburgers and hot dogs cooked by Justin and Ryan from the JRA.  We were joined by a few members from the past expeditions this summer. Their reactions to being reunited made me think of how much I will miss everyone after our expedition. We have become a big expedition family. After we ate, we were able to take showers, and they felt amazing! That was definitely one of my ‘roses’ for the day.

By. Kristen 

                That morning we left Fort Pocahontas, the trip leaders said that we did not have far to go maybe 7 to 10 miles. I was really tired from the previous trip and I did not get much sleep that night, I thought that I would make it. 7 miles?! No big deal? Right?! Wrong, the water had different plans for me . As soon as we got on the water I had trouble paddling. But my paddle partner was forever by my side making my sides burst. I and Kiera laughed until we could not paddle anymore. Spending 5 days on the water with someone and spending a tent with them makes you open up.  That was the highlight of my day and my worst. We shared some heart felt moments in our life with one another, I loved telling her about my life and I enjoy doing. But the waves almost killed me! I could not get us up the river for the life of me, and that’s exactly what I need to do a storm was looking very ominous behind me. But I and Kiera paddled through it! And we finally after a very rough and hilarious day we arrived at Chickahominy river Front Park, very wet but very much alive.
By .Chanisse Francis 

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