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Friday, July 1, 2011

James River Wildlife

Caleigh & Dry Bag Woes
Day 5, June 29th
Today the James River Expedition team started at a small place called Smith Tract. As the expedition continued, several forms of wildlife were spotted, including an eagle, a black snake, a couple of turkey vultures, and a duel to the death between a mink and a muskrat. In fact, our very own Isaac Shcumacher found what is believed to be a hawk feather. The expedition students then took part in a swimming test that granted them with some much needed down time. Near the end of the day, the expedition team finally made it out of the Allegheny Mountains and into the Blue Ridge Mountains. Camp was set up on a small patch of land that borders Balcony Falls, which the team will ride tomorrow.
                  At camp a few interviews were conducted to gauge everyone’s reaction to the day. The general atmosphere throughout  camp was easygoing and relaxed. The beautiful day had everyone forgetting about some of the rough weather we had paddled through yesterday, and in fact, when asked about the weather, everyone’s first reaction was to laugh. The survey of our camp was not finished until The Throne, our toilet, was checked out. Everyone agreed that today it had been set up wonderfully, an oasis of privacy sheltered by a woven leaf curtain. The last question that was asked was about the mink and muskrat fight we had the privilege to watch at about midday. As the group talked about it there was a general consensus going around that the James River is actually much busier than what meets the eye. We experienced a similar, humbling feeling as the group gazed up at the stars later that night.

Isaac & The "Hawk" Feather
Written By Student Reporters: 
Lena Cetic & Isaiah Ralph
with Trip Leader:
Jessica Templeton 

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