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Friday, July 1, 2011

Balcony Falls & The Throne!

 Isaac Relaxes On The Throne Through Balcony Falls
 Day 6, June 30th
Today the James River Expedition Team canoed down the class three rapid, Balcony Falls. Their equipment was carried down the James River by a helpful JRA member named Matt, who carried the equipment down solo in a giant raft. In fact, Lena Cetic and Isaac Shcumacher were bold enough to go down Balcony Falls in a kayak.  Isaac even went down Balcony Falls on the Throne!  Afterwards the team then met with Pat Calvert, the Upper James Riverkeeper, who talked to the team about keeping the river clean and more specifically about natural aquatic filters in wetlands.  After several more hours of canoeing through a labyrinth of rocks, the Expedition took out the canoes near Snowden Dam and drove to a campsite near Otter Creek.  Isaac’s family paid a surprise visit to the campsite later on.  At the campsite, Isaiah Ralph pulled off a couple robotic and King of Pop dance moves, and Isaac’s little sister Ivy blew everyone away with some moves and songs she learned from Girl’s Scouts. The day ended with a relaxing day of volleyball and a concerto by Derek and his saxophone.
Written By Student Reporters: Lena & Isaiah

 Having A Blast With Isaac's Family

Trip Leader, Gabe, Looking Epic By The Rapids

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  1. Hi Isaiah, Rebecca and Grant, Sounds like good times. Hope you are enjoying your trip and taking lots of pictures. Don't forget your geography! Oh yea, Rebecca and Grant, I was looking at the AP scores today. You both had the best scores of all. Your scores should be in the mail soon. Ms E