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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Expedition Excitement

Mr Castello & Derek
 Day 4, June 28th
 Today was full of excitement for the Expedition crew. Meeting with Kevin Castello, the director of tourism for Buchanan County, was the first event of the day. Mr. Castello helped develop the Upper James River Water Trail.  This project is to protect, conserve and preserve the river. With the help of a grant, signs were put up along the 45 miles of Buchanan river. These signs include river information, maps, safety tips, and smart phone apps. The apps allow you to buy your fishing license on the spot and using other TR codes for a better river outing. 
The Lynchburg students and teacher were interviewed by Susan Bahorich and Andy Way form News WBDJ 7. Andy then joined us on the river to gather video footage for their report
After a tasty lunch we floated down our “Green River Tunnel” as a relaxing break.  Some people may to have been too relaxed and we had our first canoe flip of the day. 
We meet many interesting people on the river and today was no different.  A man and his blind friend were canoeing down the river and when his sight deprived friend found out about the length of our trip he commented, “well, you don’t see that every day!”
The sky blessed us with a storm today.  But when the lightning got close we pulled out of the river.  We started just sitting on our foam pads but when the rain got harder and the hail come afallin we huddled under a tarp.  Under this tarp we had some great fun signing, getting to know each other better and meeting a beautiful box turtle.
After we got back on the river the rain started to come back and moral was low but then we saw our first bald eagle.  The majestic symbol of our nation soared across the river and then up stream over all of us raising everybody’s sprit.
On arriving at camp we found that one of our land crew’s van had a flat tire.  And the true essence of teamwork and the rapid developing family we have here was demonstrated when Erik, Kelvin and Isaac jumped into action after a long and wet day on the river.  We got the tire changed and Claire was ever so thankful of the help.
And now we are at camp with full bellies and high spirits ready for tomorrow.  We are heading to Balcony Falls tomorrow and are planning to run it the following day. 
We would just like to say thanks to all the people that have helped us of these five days: Erica Moore and family  and the Oxbow Farm Crew, John Seibel, John and Dan Maize of Twin River Outfitters, Kevin Costello, Jimmy Louis, Susan Bahorich and Andy Way, Bill Street, Andrew and Genna and anybody else my tired mind cannot recall. Thanks so much for the support and help. Hope to see you down the river!

Written By Student Reporters: Kelvin Tyler and Isaac Schumacher


  1. I'm enjoying following your journey via blogger, Facebook, thanks for taking the time to give us all the updates. The trip sounds like a wonderful experience for everyone!

  2. I'm enjoying following the journey via Blogger and Facebook. The trip sounds like a wonderful experience for everyone. Thanks for taking the time to give us all the updates!