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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The 2016 Lower James River Expedition: Day 2!

The 2016 Lower James River Expedition: Day 2!

We began our day as usual; packing up camp, jumping off a dock, and setting our from Fort Pocahontas. The goal for the day was completing ten miles and arriving at Chickahominy Riverfront Park. Before leaving camp however, we discovered something new. We discovered an unusual little creature named the Hickory-Horned Devil. This guy was a large green caterpillar with black spikes poking out from his back, and right above his head had had larger orange spikes with black tips. This made him look poisonous, but after doing a little bit of research we found out that he was completely harmless.

Throughout the day paddling ten miles our collective group saw twenty-six bald eagles and sixty-two tires. That means in all that we have seen forty-five bald eagles and one hundred and twenty four tires throughout two days at camp. Right after lunch we took a swim in the river and found over thirty mussels. We put them in the canoe and cooked them up for dinner with some butter, garlic, and old bay.

Written by: Taylor and Chase (a.k.a Peanuts and Treenuts)

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