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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The 2016 Lower James Expedition: Day 1!

Even though the lower expedition participants didn’t get a good sleep, once they saw the sunrise, they knew that it was going to be a great day! We started off the day eating breakfast served by Chase and Taylor. After breakfast we brought all of our stuff down to the water. Once everything was loaded up, we started our adventure down the James River.

Everyone but Kyle was in a canoe. We canoed about six miles before taking our first break on the water. The whole group voted to not have lunch and waited to eat it later. A couple minutes after we stopped, we ended up finding some mussels on the river’s floor.

Around 4 o’clock, we had our lunch. Our lunch consisted of wraps and fruit. We all felt re-energized and ready to go the rest of the way to our campsite. We ended up seeing a ton of Bald Eagles and tires (very interesting…). Once we got to camp, we got to experience a demonstration of fish shocking. After the demonstration was finished, some of us got to hold 20lb Cat Fish.

We bomb-proofed our campsite after eating pizza and now we’re headed to bed.

The reporters today were:

Hannah, Sebastian, and Merilyn.
Ryan Milby, former Expedition Land Support Intern and current DGIF fisheries technician shows off a large James River blue catfish!

Long paddle days are fueled by good snacks!

This grasshopper found a great spot to watch the sunset.

Fort Pocahontas campsite has a lovely sand beach and plenty of views!

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