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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014 – Rockcliffe Farms to James River State Park

Eleven is six, six is three, three is five, five is four, and four is cosmic.
Twenty-four is ten, ten is three. Three is five, five is four, and four is cosmic.
What is fifteen?

Riddles have been a common theme today on the third day of our expedition. “Weather” it was the pouring rain forcing 14 people into a four person tent, or low water levels causing the rest of the canoes to “gunnel up” while a few of us got un-stuck, a few clever words helped pass the time while we had to wait. Today we faced a long 18-mile journey from Rockcliffe Farm and Retreat to James River State Park, with a stop for lunch at Bent Creek Landing. Almost immediately following our arrival at the park we were hit with quite a storm. Fortunately the storm was short and we were able to wait it out, with the help of a few things to pass the time. Our leader Georgia luckily brought her book with her The Earth Speaks, which is an anthology filled with interesting pieces about the earth and the people who live here. After she read to us a poem or two, we enjoyed a few minutes of silence introduced by our other leader Kyle and then Patrick, our teacher representative, shared a few puzzling riddles.

 - Marqui and Pate

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