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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 3

                                                                                Monday July 29, 2013
Woah! You’re probably wondering why I said that, but we just completed a 17 mile long journey on the James River!! We started from Hatcher Island and from there we traveled 7 miles to Presquile Island. While there, we ate lunch and visited the National Wildlife center. We also had a tour of the James River ecology school. Then we traveled 6 more miles to the VCU Rice center, and had a tour of what happens to the water when certain things are added to it, we also learned the different type of test they run on the water. 4 more miles to go! After those 4 miles we will reach Westover Plantation.

We had a tremendous day out on the James River!! It was filled with laughter and joy. A good motto to describe today would be “life is a climb, but it has a great view”!

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