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Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 2

Our expedition today was great! We began our day with morning beach talk where we sat in a circle and discussed how we were feeling along with other things.  Then we enjoyed some eggs and bacon as our breakfast. After breakfast we walked down to the dock at Rockett’s Landing and loaded up our canoes and set off for the day. We followed the lead boat which contained Haley and Jamie. While canoeing down the river we really got to see the beauty of the James River.
There were a lot of interesting things to see in the water and after a while we were able to take a break and learned about our watershed near Rockett’s Landing. Our camp scientists for the day noted that the salinity was 0.1 ppt which indicated that we were in fresh water. The temperature of the water was 26.4 degrees Celsius. The dissolved oxygen level was 7.22 which is also good for the fish.   It only takes  5 for them to survive healthily.

After a bit of canoeing we stopped for lunch and enjoyed hummus and vegetable tortillas. Also we learned all about what JRA was about. Then we pulled into the Hatcher Island where we were greeted by Ron Alexander who was our host. Who treated us to delicious dinner after surprising with tasty ice cold watermelon.

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