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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Participants and families celebrate the beginning of the Middle James Expedition.
Day 1
Saturday July 7th, 2012
Percival Island, Lynchburg, Virginia

Today was the first day of our James River Expedition. Due to the sewage outflow we couldn’t go into the river so we spent the day exploring downtown Lynchburg. We cooled off at the water fountain and afterwards we ate lunch and partnered off and introduced each other to the group. Our lunch consisted of delectable peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apples, and animal crackers.  We seem like a pretty nice bunch…so far. No one will be voted off yet. 
Playing in the fountains in downtown Lynchburg. Met a man here who has been forced to use this as his shower due to the long-term power outage after last week's derecho.
After that we went to the museum at Amazement Square. We saw a very cool model of the old canal system that was previously used to travel the James. We also sat on a half-scale model of a Batteau (which hopefully we’ll get to ride later in the trip). 
Amazement Square's amazing model of the James River. Everyone got to let out their inner 6-year-old here!

When it became too hot outside we hitched a ride on the JRA van to the awesome $1.50 per ticket theater and watched The Lorax. From the movie we learned that we need to see the big picture and understand how our actions affect the environment. A hike across the James on the rails-to-trails path for pedestrians and cyclists over Percival's Island, we came to some private land on the river that we were graciously allowed to camp on.
The path on the old railroad trestle that brought us to camp.
 For dinner we had gourmet rice and a mix of beans and vegetables. Definitely not your average camp food—yum yum! We are now playing card games and relaxing around the camp fire. Hopefully after this trip we’ll know to appreciate the wonderful joys of life…like AC. 

-Kendal and Vicky
Relaxing and getting to know each other in camp.

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