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Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 2- Sunday July 8th, James River & Monacan Park

Unloading boats for the first time. Good practice run.
 Today, we actually got into the river.  We drove upriver past two dams to Monacan Park, where we put in the canoes.  After some intense paddling lessons, we canoed up the still water reservoir.  We stopped at a little beach, where we had some fantastic peanut butter and prune sandwiches for lunch.  Afterwards we got in the water and swam.
On the water at last!!!
Practicing a powerful draw stroke.


It was really refreshing for a hot day.  The canoe back to the can seemed quicker than the way up.  Thunder had roared in and forced us back to camp.

Scenery along the James upriver of Reusens Mill dam, with paddling practice taking place in the foreground.
  When we reached camp, we found a hellgramite, an insect that is the larval form of a Dobsonfly, in Chardonnay, Madalyn and Keyri’s tent.  These insects only live in fresh, good quality water, which is good news for us.  
A hellgramite (larval form of dobsonfly) on its way from tent back to river. 
For dinner we had Thai food, prepared by camp chefs Michael, Will and Kendal.  We were rushed because the storm was beginning.  There was a huge roar of thunder and a striking line of lightning.  To end the day, we shared our roses and thorns, or high and low points of the day.  After that, Day 2 of the James River Expedition was over. Tomorrow we pack up camp and start our real journey!
By: Vicky and Madalyn

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