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Sunday, June 26, 2011

First Day, The Students' Perspective

First days for anything are always a struggle. Learning about each other, scouting rapids and especially getting stuck on rocks was difficult but rewarding. Halfway through our arms were like jelly, which we had for lunch! The group focused on leaving no traces on beautiful James River banks but also enjoyed learning about environmental factors like erosion and saw it first hand.

By the time we arrived at camp everyone was ready to eat. But there were jobs to be done such as unloading, cooking, setting up tents, and the always prestigious "throne duty." Once a comfortable set up was established we were delighted to chow. After a long days work and a hearty meal we were ready to catch some z's. There's nothign like getting to know each other by looking for warmth on a freezing summer night
Elevation: 277

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