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Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Two Adventures

If you would have stumbled upon our campsite early this cold morning, you would have seen us all huddled around a non-existent fire, complaining about our frigid and awful sleep. However, our attitude quickly improved as we embarked on our second day’s adventure on the river. Quickly we became attracted to the wildlife around our canoes such as snakes, enormous snapping turtles, red tailed hawks, possible curlews, numerous insects and spiders of many sorts. To help us photograph all the wildlife, and landscape around us, we met up with our land crew and were introduced to Jenna and Andrew, experts in the field of photography. While at lunch with our new friends, we met some locals with friendly dogs and conversation. After our relaxing lunch on land, we were welcomed back to the river and its never ending miles of paddling. We enjoyed another class 2 rapid but wouldn’t you know it, another class 1 rapid claimed our first canoe of the day. Through many trials and errors we learned from our mistakes, collected our lost shoes and paddles, and continued on our way. Just when we thought that Gabe would never let us take a break, we pulled into camp with many cheers, sighs of relief and a gentle rainfall. Quickly we setup tents, tarps, fires, and started cooking our re-energizing Italian dinner. After dinner we reflected upon our high and low points of the day that we shared together along with what we are excited for. We look forward to the farm visit tomorrow, biscuits for breakfast, and the thousands of experiences yet to come.

 By: Jessie "Alex" Kincaid and Eric Hahn

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  1. I'm looking forward to following you online. Good Luck!