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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Floating to Breeden's Bottom...

Here’s another report from Emily, Jacob and Kayleigh:

When we woke in the wonderful backyard of our dear friend Jimmy, we got to enjoy some great oatmeal. We soon got to work on packing up all of our supplies and learned some new bow directional strokes. We then carefully organized the gear into the canoes and then started going to Arcadia. We hit some class II + rapids and we all successfully made it (and no one got injured). With the help of Kyle, we learned how to maneuver into eddies. We then got the chance to float down rapids after a long walk in the wrong direction. During the trip there was a lot of flat water that we got to float down. There was beautiful scenery and animals such as falcon, bald eagle, and cows.

 Kyle taught us how to stand in our boats and Kayleigh decided to stand on the gunnel of the bow and then fall in. When we pulled into camp around 2:30 we quickly set up tents and camp.

We then had our lunch which we quickly ate and then we packed up all extra materials so we could go into our tents while the thunderstorm passed. After the storm, we all got time to play in the river.

 Some of us got to skip rocks catch fish and crayfish, built rock cairn (rock totems) and collected interesting rocks and item from the water. We then enjoyed a filling dinner before experimenting with melting fruit snacks. We then had lovely conversations around a slightly dying fire before going to bed.  

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