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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tuesday, June 30th 2015-Oxbow Farm to Buchanan

Oxbow Farm
                Today we made our way from Oxbow Farm to Buchanan.  The day started off with a good breakfast consisting of oatmeal and bananas which was prepared by Miles and Kelin. Then we when on the tour of Oxbow farm lead by Mr. Seible, the Farm Service Agency, and the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Then we hit the river which was slightly high because of a damn release that rose the water levels in our part of the river. We had 10 miles to paddle to get to Buchanan, but we quickly ran into problems when Thomas and Brett’s canoe flipped on the hardest rapid of the day. Luckily everyone pulled out fine and we recovered all of our gear down river and were quickly packed and back on the river again.
The Seibel family- owners of Oxbow Farm
Our team on the hay ride tour at Oxbow Farm


Our group stopping at the waterfall
        After the flip we paddled down the river for a long time till reaching Springwood Creek. We explored the area for a while most of us walked under the waterfall and washed our faces. We had an encounter with a frog while at Springwood and had a tough, but fun time catching it. From there we went down to our campsite in Buchanan.  We unpacked our camping gear and set up tents.  After getting everything ready a couple of us played football and ultimate Frisbee.

Will found a frog

Miles, Thomas, and Will throwing the frisbee

Kyle and Kelin lounging on the Eno hammock

Buchanan Carnival

Camp fire praise
Thank you, Jimmy!

Miles and Kelin cooked a good meal consisting of pasta and chicken.  Afterwards several of us broke off to go to a local carnival. We bought funnel cakes and had fun times on the rides. Most people who went to the carnival liked the Zipper the best! Unfortunately our fun was cut short because it started to rain but we got back to camp safely to get a good night’s rest.

Hannah and Thomas

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