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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Monday, July 13th, 2015- Rockcliffe Farm to James River State Park

Our group getting ready to leave Ratcliffe Farm
        Today we woke up to a bit of rain but our cooks Claire and Jacob lightened the mood with a delicious breakfast of yogurt, banana, and granola. Luckily, right as we got on the water the rain stopped and the sun came out. While out on the water we saw a mom and baby deer cross the river as well as several Egrets. For lunch we stopped at a sandy island and everyone relaxed and fished. Stephanie, John, Claire, Avery, and Sean fished and we named the island “Sean Island” because he caught so many fish. After our 18 mile paddle we stopped at James River State Park. When we got there we played cards, wrote in our journals, and played Frisbee.

Our group setting the canoes out and leaving

After a relaxing afternoon, a park ranger named Bill drove us through the park on a beautiful hay ride to an outlook over the James River. He taught us about three hurricanes that raised the river’s water level more than 20 feet.  On the drive back to the camp sight it began to rain again so we all ran right for the tents when we got back. One of the stakes in the girl’s blew away in the wind so everyone was brought to a bus and the car to hang out until the stormed passed. When the rain lightened Claire and Jacob made bean chili and rice for dinner. The rice got poured on by the rain and turned into a mashed potato-like consistency that we called ‘mush’. However, everyone optimistically tried it and saw that it actually tasted pretty good.

Our teacher/co-leader Tom leading the pack

paddling around

Our group taking a break on the water

Brett and Jacob having a great time on the water

Great catch Taylor

Great catch Sean

We made it to James River State Park


        To end the night we all said our thorns and roses for the day, or our positives and negatives. Just like the day started with rain, it ended with rain. As Kyle said though, the trip would not be as memorable and fun without obstacles and a little storm.

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