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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thursday, July 31st 2014 - Surry Nuclear Power Station & Jamestown Island

On Thursday, July 31, 2014, we started our educational day by waking up early. Instead of loading canoes this morning, we hopped in a passenger van and headed to Surry nuclear power plant. On the way there, we had to take a ferry across the James River. That was an adventure in and of its self. While on the boat, most of the group walked around and looked over the edge at the view. Once we crossed the river, we had a lengthy drive to Dominion's Surry Nuclear Power Plant.

Canoes and paddles were traded in for 4-wheels today
Enjoying the Jamestown Ferry
At Dominion, we attended two different presentations, watched an eight minute video, and visited an interactive learning center.  While there we learned about the pros and cons of nuclear fission, as well as the process of nuclear waste disposal. Dominion provided us with a really good lunch, consisting of a sub, bag of chips, large cookie, and fruit cup. 

Checking out the interactive learning center at Surry power station
Learning about how electricity works (and having fun while at it!)
Completing an electrical circuit

Cole feeding the gulls from the ferry
After finishing lunch, we took the ferry back to the Jamestown/ Williamsburg side of the river. While on the ferry, we used the contest of the snack bucket, fondly called the“Snacky B” by the team, as well as lunch leftovers to feed the aggressive gulls following the ferry. 

Once arriving at Jamestown Island, we watched two men blow glass into vases and cups. After that, we went to Historic Jametowne where the archaeologists found items such as skeletons, ovens, and pins. Danny, a head archaeologist at the site, gave us a phenomenal tour with lots of information about the early 1600's settlement of Jamestowne. After going through a museum, where they put the artifacts that they found, we circled up and had a discussion of the day and what we had learned.

Danny explaining some of the findings at one of the dig sites at Historic Jamestowne

Incredible!  A bread over from the historic Jamestowne fort.  Captain John Smith could have stood in this cellar!
The team taking a break to reflect and discuss what they learned at Surry and Jamestown
- Thursday reporters, Chris and Nasir

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