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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Waiting for the Storm to End...

       We expected a peaceful last night in vain, but celebrate the upcoming chaos as a satisfying end to our expedition. Taking itinerary, we’ve got a nine and a half students left, a fallen pine on the Highlander, that specific squeal of about three nervous teenage girls, and fourteen flying beasts attacking the bright laptop screen as we write this final blog. The wind advisory for the upcoming storm has passed, and now we’ll wait one and a half more hours, until 1:00 AM, for any heavy rain that might come our way. Though the shelter of the Otter Creek Campground men’s room was lovely enough, we decided to up our standards and shuttle to the information kiosk to await the wrath of nature. The tents we’ve called home for a week now are tempting us back to our sweet, warm beds, but we’ll dare not answer the call of that siren until the storm advisory has passed. Oh yes, the weak are being tested, and the strong hide their fear behind mouthfuls of  m‘n’ms from a generous bag greedily being passed about. The silhouette of the same moon that has persisted through daylight each day of our trip has not left us yet, but is soon setting. Now we wait, but the James beckons us tomorrow morning, and we will answer.

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