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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 8: Elk Island to Cartersville

Day 8

Elk Island to Cartersville 

Loading the canoes for the last time

Struggling through the last minute!


        The crew had a slow start waking up this morning, sad to start the last day's paddle. We took our sweet time enjoying an early lunch, at which time we were introduced to the James River Association's Bi-annual State of the James Report. We spent time taking about fish and wildlife in and along the James, their habitats, the pollution that harms their homes, and finally restoration and protection actions on which the three former categories rely. Pulling into our take out at Cartersville, we were greeted with lots of welcoming family members eager to hear about our adventure. Saying goodbye to the team and loading up the canoes one last time was bittersweet as everyone was ready to get out of the heat, but sad to leave the river behind.

Coming together for one last family huddle

We couldn't look much better if we tried!

The new mascot

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