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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Leapfrog to the Piedmont

Eric and Alex secure the canoes

Day 7, Friday July 1st
Nestled near Otter Creek, the James River Expedition crew awoke to a chilly morning in the forest and managed a quick turnaround to the van portage around the hydroelectric dams between the Blue Ridge and Lynchburg.
After being provided with sweet treats by the mother of Isaac Schumacher (E.C. Glass), the team was ready to take on Lynchburg. Although we became conscious of our hygiene for the first time this trip, we were all happy to have arrived into civilization. While in Lynchburg the crew met with Erin, an environmental specialist, and Jeff, sewage engineer, who taught us about Lynchburg’s sewer system. The crew toured downtown Lynchburg and its efforts to maintain storm water overflow by installing rain gardens and instituting pedestrian improvement projects such as permeable pavements.
Before departing Lynchburg for a fourteen mile paddle, students from E.C. Glass and Albemarle High School were interviewed by local reporters. We then loaded up and embarked on our day. While on the water, the crew experienced paddling in the Piedmont region filled with miles of flat water. Continuing our eagle count, witnessing a river otter swimming, and seeing an island of black vultures provided the wildlife lessons for the day. Needless to say we were all very relieved to call a beautiful river friendly farmland our home for the night. 
Arriving at camp we set up tents on an abundant amount of Piedmont land. Meanwhile, the trip scientists discovered increased turbidity, nitrogen, and algae after the river passed through a major urban area and many miles of un-buffered farmland. Luckily, the crew was fortunate enough to receive clothes pins from Derrick White’s (E.C. Glass) aunt to air out and dry our “rank” river clothes. Provided with a delicious meal of Indian curry, the crew was ready to relax with a game of ultimate Frisbee, reading, and saxophone by the fire.
Written By Student Reporters: Caleigh Remocaldo and Rebecca Henderson
Engineer on the combined sewer system

Lynchburg rain garden

Making easy miles

The last stretch to camp

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  1. Great job guys! Aloha Eric and hau'oli la hanau from Maui - me, Dylan and DadDad! Spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook!