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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day of Rest

Enjoying The Campfire
Day 9, July 3rd
After an intense day of paddling yesterday, we woke up this morning a little sore and ready to relax. We had a nice change of pace after breakfast when Gabe, Jessica and the youngsters went on a hike to see the Tye River from an overlook at the James River State Park where we are camped. During the group hike, our fearless leaders exposed their weakness today: reading trail maps. The wonderful smell of sweat, river, and mildew wafting from our bodies "polluted the atmosphere" during our hike through the forest identifying trees. The stifling heat gave us a good reason to sit and reflect a little bit about the purpose of our trip down the James.
Gabe gave a short lecture focused on the tragedy of the commons and the group discussed the danger of apathy towards our shared natural resources as well as the power we yield as citizens to affect environmental policy in politics. We found it easier to take to heart the discussion sitting outside in the forest than if we had been inside a class room.
Our hike was also sweetened by some delicious blackberries we found by the side of the trail. The rest of the day we enjoyed a few well earned luxuries- including soda, the chance to shower, and a washing machine! The day wound down as we ate dinner with Alex's family, sang happily to MacGyver (aka Eric Hahn), and anticipated the arrival of Issac's brother who was bringing a football for us to pass around on Independence day.  

Written By Student Reporters: Lena Cetic & Isaac Shcumacher


  1. Lena,
    Hope the journey continues to go well and the skies are friendly. You guys are entering my favorite stretch from Bent Creek down to Bremo Bluff. I told Mr. Chaney that I'd maybe try to catch up and paddle a for a bit with you guys and might try to do it later this week if I can find out where you guys will be.
    Mr. L.

  2. Wish we could have stayed a little later...sat around the campfire. Enjoyed seeing you guys though.

  3. Wish we could have stayed a bit later...enjoyed the campfire. It was good seeing you guys though.